A Night With A Medium

Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet June Edward and discuss Relationships. It was a profound experience, as I felt she was talking deep down to my inner self, to unspoken thoughts, unspoken suspicions I had. June Edward doesn't belong to the category of mainstream psychics who we often see on TV but she let her results and her abilities define who she really is. Furthermore she is self made. She does manage all her accounts personally and this is her vast experience in business that comes handy and which we will explore below in the chat I had with her.

Could you describe how you first realised that you had psychic abilities?

I was born this way. I was very psychic, and apparently also a medium as a child, but had no idea. When I got older, and kids started making fun of me, because I knew everything before it was going to happen, I shut it down as much as I could. People that passed would still come to me, but I wasn’t seeing spirits anymore, and not hearing them. When I started meditating about four years ago, I opened back up big time! I then had to spend a year and a half in training to learn how to turn it on and off, and how to connect and understand them properly on the other side.

Do you think in time, abilities changed-strengthen-along with your increased knowledge about them?

Everyone had psychic ability. It’s like playing the piano. Some people sit down and can play chopsticks. Others can learn how to play pretty well. Others are like child prodigies, and sit down and play Mozart without even trying! That’s me. I’m a very strong medium, I died when I was 27, and have been on the other side, and my abilities just keep getting stronger and stronger, even when I don’t think it’s even possible! They also teach me what they want me to know from the other side. Most of what I’ve learned up until now is in my first book, “A Night On The Other Side.”

What's your general approach when you counsel people? I know you gave me some really deep insights when talking about 'Relationships' that helped me a lot.

I take every person’s case individually. We can use Angel cards, cards of the Magi, (astrology and numerology combined), as well as my psychic abilities and guides to help. I’m apparently very accurate, I have people coming back to me six months and a year later telling me that everything I said happened! I’m amazed myself sometimes!

Can you share a significant experience that stands out?

I had a woman who thought her husband was having an extramarital affair. We went through hers and his Magi cards, and determined that he was not, but was going through a mid-life crisis. We also read her Akasic records, to find out why she had so many sexual issues. We were able to clear them, move on in the marriage, and her husband still thanks me profusely anytime I run into him! Completely turned the marriage around for the both of them!

Does it ever annoys you, knowing the answer or the outcome of something before it takes place?

I’m never annoyed, I find it all fascinating!

You also told me you're an author, can you tell me a bit about your books and where can we find them?

The first book I wrote was about the things I’ve learned on the other side. I also teach psychic development and mediumship development, so many of the things I teach are in the book. I feel it’s important for everyone to awaken, and live the life they were meant to while they’re here. It’s called “A Night on the Other Side” The second book is my auto-biography. I came from an extremely abusive home, emotionally, physically, and sexually. My father, although a prominent respected man in the business community, was a monster. I was one of eight children growing up. My hopes are that someone else that’s struggling with the things that happened to them, realize that those things that happened are not “who” they are. They can overcome and follow their true path in life. It’s called “Dancing with the Universe”, and is also available on Amazon.

You come across as a very confident woman, how do people react when you tell them your occupation?

Some are interested, some think I’m off my rocker! I also was known as a prominent business person, owning several popular and upscale businesses for over twenty years. It’s almost like being called as a priest or nun. When God wants you to do this work, he’ll make sure you do!

How difficult it was to start and market yourself in such a competitive industry?

It really wasn’t difficult for me. They have been grooming me for this for my entire life! I don’t worry about competition. The people that need me will find me. It is a field with a lot of jealousy however. I’ve been asked not to return to some events, because I make the other mediums look inferior. I just do what I do! I’ve been extremely blessed with the abilities that I have, and can basically talk to any soul at will. If someone wants someone specific, that’s who I bring. Apparently not many mediums can do what I do. I also don’t do it for the money, other than to support myself, and have an exchange to keep balance. I also charge my value, and if someone really needs me and can’t afford me, I have done many house clearings of demons, and clearing attachments of people at no charge. Realistically, if I charged less I would be too busy to enjoy my own life! Everywhere I go, people find me, as well as word of mouth. I now have clients all over the U.S., and Europe. I have a website juneedward.com a large Facebook following, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I do readings and counselling by phone in the US, and Skype abroad.

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