The Host of The Forum

Not very often you come across someone with certain stardust, positivity and drive. It did happen to cross someone meeting these criteria not long ago. Her name Florence or better Florence Carmela. With a background in the education field and a successful career in Radio is taking her career on the next level. Although still working with Cumulus Media at WEBE108 & WICC600 at the Live Events, which is the most challenging bit for a broadcaster.

She’s now hosting making the leap, launching a new show called The Forum with Florence Carmela, where she will be interviewing celebrities, creatives and the famous. Having worked with known sports celebrities to bands such as New Kids On the Blocks and have followers on her twitter account from Justin Bieber to Danny Wood, you can be sure she’s on to something big!

Her goal is to interview talented & creative people from all entertainment genres with an interesting story to tell! She’s an advocate of positive thinking and that really shows to her work and personal ethos. With twitter metrics in the neighbourhood of 4.8mils, retweet reach you can be certain that if you have a story to tell Florence can get you there.

So when you next log in to your twitter account, give a follow to @FlorenceCarmela and her new cosy corner called @_TheForum and be certain for one thing, nobody puts Florence in the corner.

Closing PLEASE stop by and visit for information on this amazing organization that helps Breast Cancer patients and survivors alleviate their burden financially. You can also follow them on Twitter @RememberBetty for updates on events & additional information. This is an organization that does fantastic work and Florence is keen on supporting. I’ll be back with an exclusive with her soon.

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